Topics in Holography,
Supersymmetry and Higher Derivatives

Week 1 (April 8-12)

Monday 2:00pm Finn Larsen
"Quantization of the Black Hole Horizons" (Abstract)
Tuesday 10:30am Geoffrey Compere
"Chiral Liouville gravity and a new view on AdS3" (Abstract)
Wednesday 9:30am Eric Perlmutter
"A holographer's view of 3D higher spin gravity" (Abstract)
2:00pm Thomas Hartman
"Entanglement Entropy at Large Central Charge" (Abstract)
Thursday 10:30am Gonzalo Torroba
"Towards a holographic formulation of cosmology" (Abstract)
Friday 10:30am Oleg Lunin
"Black holes and fuzzballs" (Abstract)

Week 2 (April 15-19)

Monday 2:00pm Guido Festuccia
"Rigid Supersymmetry in Curved Superspace" (Abstract)
Tuesday 10:30am Vasily Pestun
"ADE quiver theories and quantum integrable systems" (Abstract)
Wednesday 2:00pm Masahito Yamazaki
"(Non-)Geometry of SCFTs" (Abstract)
Thursday 10:30am Robert Wimmer
"Superconformal couplings of non-abelian tensor and hypermultiplets in six dimensions" (Abstract)
Friday 10:30am Mirjam Cvetic
"General Black Holes, Untwisted" (Abstract)

Week 3 (April 22-26)

Monday 2:00pm Antoine van Proeyen
"Superconformal symmetry and higher-derivative Lagrangians" (Abstract)
Tuesday 10:30am Bernard de Wit
"Deformed gauged SO(8) supergravities and their possible embedding in M-theory" (Abstract)

Meeting on Branes, Strings and Higher Derivatives

Wednesday April 24

9:30 Sav Sethi M-theory and Type IIA Flux Vacua Slides
10:15 Roberto Percacci Functional renormalization and gravity: recent developments
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Kurt Hinterbichler Evidence for and Obstructions to Partially Massless Gravity
12:15 Lunch Break  
2:15 Cliff Burgess Accidental SUSY (Running with Rugby Balls) Slides
3:00 Coffee Break  
3:30 Hong Lu Holographic Fermi and non-Fermi Liquids from Conformal Gravity
4:15 Mehmet Ozkan Recent progress on curvature-squared supergravities in 5 and 6 dimensions Slides
5:30 Reception  

Thursday April 25

9:30 Bernard de Wit The construction and use of N=2 supersymmetric higher-derivative couplings Slides
10:15 Andrew Waldron Massive and Partially Massless Gravity?
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Antoine van Proeyen Dirac-Born-Infeld-Volkov-Akulov and deformation of supersymmetry Slides
12:15 Lunch Break  
2:15 Alex Buchel Quantum quenches and the entropy production in strongly coupled systems Slides
3:00 Coffee Break
3:30 Eric Bergshoeff Vector Branes
4:15 Daniel Butter The N=2 Gauss-Bonnet Invariant In and Out of Superspace Slides
6:30 Meet in lobby for dinner  

Friday April 26

9:30 Sergei Dubovsky From QCD flux tubes to the simplest theory of quantum gravity and back Slides
10:15 Nobuyoshi Ohta Asymptotic Safety in Higher-derivative Gravity Slides
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Jim Liu On the completion of the one-loop R4 coupling in type II string theory Slides
12:15 Lunch Break  
2:15 Kelly Stelle Invariants and divergences in maximal and half-maximal supergravities Slides