Topics in Holography,
Supersymmetry and Higher Derivatives

Robert Wimmer

"Superconformal couplings of non-abelian tensor and hypermultiplets in six dimensions"

We construct six-dimensional (1,0) superconformal models with non-abelian gauge couplings for multiple tensor and hypermultiplets. The non-abelian gauge invariance for the two-form potentials is achieved by the introduction of a hierarchy of forms up to degree four, where the three and four forms are non-dynamical. This circumvents certain no-go theorems and turns out to be essential also for the formulation of supersymmetry. The inclusion of the hypermultiplets completes the field content to that of superconformal (2,0) theories of multiple M5 branes, though only (1,0) supersymmetry is manifestly realized. The interacting tensor and hypermultiplets form together with the other (non-dynamical) forms a new on-shell representation of the (1,0) supersymmetry algebra. In general these models provide only equations of motions. For a subclass also a Lagrangian formulation exists which captures certain aspects of the first order dynamics.

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